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Seven Workshops are currently being offered. 

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Sail Away: Not currently offered due to Covid restrictions.
Archimedes Principle, Forces and Moments, Newton's Laws;
Students Design & Build a Sail Boat.

Here Comes The Sun:
Renewable Energy, Solar Cells, Electric Circuits, Sources/Loads in Series & Parallel;
Students Build a Solar Powered Race Car.

Working With Watermills:
Renewable Energy, Kinetic/Potential Energy, Simple Machines, Mechanical Advantage;
Students Design & Build a Water Wheel.

Newton's Laws, Rocket Aerodynamics, Using Simulations;
Students Design, Build And Launch an Air / Water Rocket.

All About Electric Motors:
Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Electric Motors;
Students Build an Electric Motor.

Ciphers and Codes:
Information Representation, Encoding/Decoding, Secure Codes;
Students Do Many Exercises In Data Encryption

Oscillators and Waves:
Pendulums, Kinetic/Potential Energy, Oscillators/Waves, Measurements, Graphing; 
Students Do Many Experiments with Pendulums and Oscillators.

IEEE Presentation:

Presentation Focused on the AZ Science Lab.


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