Science Lab

What Teachers Say About Our Workshops

“There are a number of programs that have students engaged in hands-on activities, but what you all do that puts your program head and shoulders above the rest is to help students make the connections between theory and practical application. This is an area where teachers have the most struggle, helping students transfer what is learned in the classroom to the world beyond.”

Dianna Bonney, Science Teacher, Orangewood Middle School, July 2010

"Thanks again for the great experience! Had a great time and I've recommended your facilities to all my teacher friends! ”

Kristi Ingram, Sonoran Science Academy, April 2012

“Thanks again for sponsoring the activity. It was most worthwhile. Regarding (student) feedback…do not be swayed by requests for extra materials, more time or more help. As an inquiry activity it had the correct amount of time, a good amount of creative materials, and it was good for them to think for themselves…they had plenty of guidance but not so much the job was shown/done for them.”

Stephen Hobbs, Science Department, Mountain Sky Junior High, May 2011

“Dear John, Stu, Richard, Tom, Carl, and David,

On behalf of Connolly 7th grade students, Josh Simko, and Connolly's administration, I want to send a belated thank you for a wonderful week of rockets.  The unit was a great success with our students and was something extra engaging for them to do in the last week of school.  The enthusiasm that you all brought to our campus changed an otherwise dull week into something fun, seriously educational, and wonderfully filled with science!”

Denise Dorn, Math Coach/AVID Site Coordinator, Connolly Middle School, July 2011

“Thanks to all of you for an amazing learning experience today!  It was so great for all my students (and me!) to see engineering and solar energy in action!  I am going to copy an email that I sent to my principal and Jeff Smith (the Balsz District Superintendent). I will mail the surveys tomorrow!  Thank you all again for "teaching" my class today!”

Kathy Puryear, 4th grade teacher, Griffith Elementary School, March 2012

 “Hi Jeff (Smith, Balsz District Superintendent),

I just wanted to let you know that my class went to the Arizona Science Lab today for a workshop on solar energy. I think you had forwarded the information to Alexis and she gave it to me.  The kids learned about energy, engineering and how to build a solar powered model car.  It was wonderful!   They all have such an amazing learning experience and it fit so well into our sustainability grant focus.

The men and women who worked with my kids were so helpful and patient.  I would strongly recommend this opportunity to any teacher that would be interested. I feel like this kind of hands-on learning experience was so beneficial to my students and to me!  They want to go back for every workshop!  I took lots of pictures and video and hope to add it to the district website soon. Thanks again for making this opportunity available to us.”

Kathy Puryear, 4th grade teacher, Griffith Elementary School, March 2012

“In my job as a patrol sergeant with Phoenix PD, I see a lot of negatives every day.  I see maimed kids, unbelievably dysfunctional families, indescribable inhumanity, unimaginable cruelty, and totally hopeless situations.  I also see many positives...courage in kids trying to survive despite their situations, parents sacrificing all for their families, people putting others before themselves. You guys are an incredible are making so much difference to so many kids!  My job is mostly reactive..........your work, along with those of teachers, actually make a difference when guidance and inspiration are needed most while they are still kids.

”Sgt. Hank Bonney, Phoenix Police Department, August 2010