Science Lab

Vision and Mission

  • To improve the teaching of STEM subjects by showing how different teaching methods and teaching approaches work to greatly improve STEM education and student motivation.

  • To pique the student’s interest in STEM by teaching students science principles and relating them to the design and operation of everyday objects and to everyday experiences through hands-on experiments.

  • To accomplish our vision by providing workshops that include instruction of scientific theory and principles coupled with the experimentation, hands-on design, build and test of projects that use those principles.

  • To provide this learning opportunity through our experienced engineers and scientists using computer simulation, demonstrations, and necessary materials for students to build and test their designs.

  • To provide these learning resources at no cost to the teachers, schools or children of Arizona.

The vision for the Arizona Science Lab (ASL) is to:

  • Create a fully funded organization that ultimately allows thousands of students per year to experience the wonder of science through interactive workshop sessions.

  • Bring Arizona to the forefront of teaching STEM by providing teachers with additional tools to excite students.

  • Help the students transfer what is learned in the classroom to the world beyond.

The overall goals and mission of the program are: