Who We Are


  • The IEEE “Arizona Science Lab” (ASL) was launched in February 2009. It is a volunteer group operating under the management of the IEEE, a 501(c)(3) organization. ASL volunteers: retired and employed engineers, scientists and teachers, university students and other professionals create exciting STEM based workshops for students in grades 4-8. These workshops stimulate the student's interest in STEM subjects, and inspire them to pursue studies and future careers in STEM related subjects.

  • ASL workshops are provided free of charge to all public and charter schools in Maricopa County and especially to State Grade “C” and “D” and Federal “non-AYP” and “Title 1” schools. The ASL is supported by our sponsor organization and our community partners. Details can be found under the menu items (or by clicking here): Our Sponsor and Community Partners.

  • The permanent location of the Arizona Science Lab is at the Evans Learning Center facility in Tempe!

  • The teachers bring their grades 4 - 8 science classes (up to 60 students) to the Arizona Science Lab for a 4-hour immersion workshop in a Science/Engineering topic.

  • Each Workshop, in a laboratory setting, is supported by expert volunteers who conduct a project-based lesson plan, complete with demonstrations, lecture, experiments, and an engineering construction project.

  • Each Workshop is conducted by a group of retired, employed and university student engineers and scientists who are highly qualified in math, physics, computers, electronics, power generation & distribution, structures, rocketry, chemistry, materials science, and computer software. Our instructional staff has decades of real world application experience in the sciences. They relate the theory being taught to everyday applications.

  • The teachers choose a Workshop from a list of ready-to-run Workshops that support the Common Core and new Arizona 2018 Science Standards.

  • ASL’s rigorous Metrics Program, that includes guidance and support from Professors of Engineering Education at ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering, typically shows a significant improvement in student STEM knowledge, understanding and motivation after each workshop.

Each Workshop emphasizes the WOW factor of hands-on construction projects and experiments!!