Science Lab

Hello Teachers:

ASL is Back!

We reopened the AZ Science Lab last spring and are now resuming our science workshops this year.

We had a great spring:

15 workshops - Rockets, Motors, Waterwheels, Solar Cars, and Oscillators.

We had attendees from 7 districts and 9 schools, including 4 Title 1 schools. Over 285 students and over 30 teachers participated in our hands-on science/engineering learning experiences.

Just a few rules:

  • masks are optional (your call),
  • only 30 students per workshop currently,
  • we need 2-3 weeks lead time to arrange for our volunteers,
  • no Sailaway workshop,
  • current offerings: Rockets, Motors, Waterwheels, Oscillators, Ciphers, Solar Cars.

We serve schools throughout the Valley. We are looking forward to your calling and reserving workshop space for this school year. Please call or email our Workshop Registrar, Roy to reserve your slots for this Fall and/or Spring.

Stuart Wecker

Director, AZ Science Lab

2022-2023 School Year!!